Personal journal entry

My hope is that by writing out my thoughts and sharing them I can exorcise some of my inner demons. This post is not about anyone….just my undiluted thoughts & feelings.

….I walk around most days feeling like a worthless piece of shit…I suffer with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, a host of insecurities….never been treated or diagnosed, but I don’t have to be to know what a mess I am.

I keep to myself for the most part, because whenever I reach out to anyone, they usually never understand me, when I feel something it’s always my fault for feeling that way…,and they can never meet my expectations, I’m always disappointed.

The problem is I expect people to care about shit as much as I do…and they never can. Perhaps I need to stop expecting people to be like me, and either acccept them for who they are or cut them loose. Sometimes I think I should just stop trying to get close to people period…it never works out.

Anyway not sure what the point I’m trying to make is, except to say, if there are others out there having similar feelings you are not alone …there’s a lot of us misfits out there….hang in there, and I’ll try to do the same.

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