Suicide Awareness

Probably one of the best things I’ve read about depression to date…read and share in honor of Suicide Prevention.


I know it’s towards the end of the month and all, but honestly I’d feel like a complete douche if I didn’t make an attempt at a post about Suicide Awareness Month.

I find it ironic; September is a pretty depressing month with school starting and summer being over. I guess if you work in a tourist town, the ending of summer signifies less stress on you, but in my opinion September just sucks. It sucks. That should be a name of a band: September Sucks.

If someone uses that, I get a portion of your earnings, remember that. I will hunt you down, don’t think I wont. I’m fucking crazy.

On a more serious note, we’ve lost many people to suicide and a lot of families will forever hurt because of it. The good news is, suicide is highly preventable, it just takes patience, understanding, and the ability…

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4 thoughts on “Suicide Awareness

  1. I just went to that guys page and read the whole post! Had to share it on my FB because it was sooo accurate. Thank you for sharing it on your blog because if it wasn’t for you posting it I wouldn’t have come across it. I feel so alone at times x

    1. We have to try to remember we are not alone in our aloneness…I have to remind myself constantly of it…much love my new friend…we are all in this together!

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