Thoughts on living bi-polar II

When I’m in the throes of irrational thought, which I usually feel is quite rational at the time…I have to insistently remind myself that these invading thoughts and the emotions they evoke are only temporary, a product of my mania or depression…that I won’t feel this way in a few days ( or months at the worst) It’s the hardest thing at times to not act on impulse, stupidly, irrationally. Sometimes I fail…lash out, act out in ways I always end up regretting. It’s been a long journey for me… the road to mental health has been bumpy at the best. But I have incrementally improved over the last few years through a lot of self reflection & positive stimulus. Just beginning to understand that I’m not hopeless, or helpless…And for anyone that happens to read this, that struggles with dysfunction, you aren’t either…keep striving towards the light!….much love.

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