Social Anxiety

Sitting here trying to get myself motivated to go out and see a band I know. I force myself at times to go out socially so I don’t feel like a total introvert. .even as a teenager I would avoid gatherings with large crowds. In the past I would ply myself with alcohol & drugs to overcome my anxiety. Most of the friends I made over the years were associated with these activities. Now that I don’t drink or do drugs anymore…I’ve lost those relationships…so when I do go out it’s just me, myself & I. I usually don’t socialize or talk with anyone….I never know what to say. At least when I was drinking, I could unselfconsciously act like an ass and enjoy it (sigh)…Well not really sure where I going with this thread of thought, except to say I’m really tired of living like this.


5 thoughts on “Social Anxiety

  1. I have social anxiety often too. I hate it. Sometimes I go out with the permission to turn around and come back if I don’t want to go in, leave early if I need to, etc. Giving myself permission to leave helps me get out the door, and its usually okay once I get there. But, it sucks!

      1. I so agree about sticking together…and I really appreciate the support & compassion….there’s a lot of good, caring people on WP…I just need to stop focusing on the support I’m not getting from someone….and be grateful for those who do show they care.

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