10, 8, 6 Things very few people know about me….

1) Was born 2 months premature at 11:36 pm on January 10th 1964, the sole survivor of a twin birth

2) Was afflicted with Grand mal seizures at the age of 6…was healed by a reoccurring dream

3) Ran away from home at the age of 16 – lived with anarchists

4) Was a carnie for 2+ yrs at the age of 17

5) Was a passionate political activist in my 20s- Canvass Director for Citizen Action of NY

6) Once was elected as a Democratic District committee member

The listing was originally longer, but there are some things still too privately painful to share just yet.

4 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. No worries Mark 🙂 This is a wonderful start and the rest will follow when the time is right 🙂 I can’t help but notice you are a fellow Capricorn 🙂 Only the best sign of the zodiac…no biggie lol…I was born not 2 months early but 2 weeks early…dec 28th 1983…11:45 PM. I am curious about your healing dream but I feel it’s inappropriate to ask so I am being passive aggressive about it..and now that I am admitting that, I guess I am being aggressive? lol You have certainly lived and interesting life from what I read here…it;s not everyday you meet a former carnie with a passion for politics…although oddly enough I can see how the two experiences could be beneficial in life…I think you have the start of a book here 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha…not so sure about a book, but I’ve often thought my life story might make a good made for TV drama…LoL

      ok…since you ask…in my dream I would be walking into the living room of the house we lived in at the time. It was dark…no one else was there…I would walk towards our television and behind the TV on the floor was a key. It was one of those old fashion keys…the best description I can give is it was a skeleton key. This is where my memory is a little sketchy…I either was strongly compelled to pick up the key..or was being prevented from picking it up…in any event..I knew I had to fight against this compulsion I was experiencing. I lost that battle several times as this dream reoccurred. After each lost battle I would awaken and go into a seizure. Finally on one night I mightily struggled in my dream and won the battle. I never experienced a seizure again after that. The doctors said my brain-wave patterns had become normal and I no longer needed medication.

      That’s the dream…appreciate your comment and interest…thanks for stopping by….be well my friend 🙂

      1. Wow! That’s amazing! If I were a doctor, I would want to study this…find the connection or even a cure…did you tell them about your dream?…I’ve never heard of this and I find it fascinating. I used to have recurring dreams but never related to an illness…at least that I am aware of lol the key in your dream makes me think there is something about the symbol of a key…i used to dream about children….they were always taking me through some sort of maze…and they would lead me to a door and just as I would be about to open it I would wake up…annoying as hell lol Thanks for sharing with me 🙂

  2. Glad I could satisfy your curiosity :)….No I never really spoke of this dream with anyone…not even my parents. Not sure why…think I thought nobody would believe me at the time.

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