SM Rhymes

Cyber connections, lost in space

illusions, delusions, rants in place


Searching for someone to understand me

searching the wireless, can’t let it just be


Follows and likes, friendships and shares

down in the dumps when nobody cares


Cyber connections, lost and replaced

when life is reeling, feeling displaced


Don’t go to facebook, don’t run that race

trolls, stalkers, narcissists inhabit that space


It’s not all so bad, just exhausting at times

like reading poetry with silly little rhymes


No likes, no follows, don’t even care

Let it all go, dance this life with flare

Your own #self worth, was already there

One thought on “SM Rhymes

  1. Great astounding post! I loved this video…it reminds me of the dangers of technology…we should be careful on what we deploy to measure our self worth…thanks for sharing!

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