Nostalgic Desires

in blood           in lust

on flesh           on fire

an bone           an ice

it’s thorns       it’s desire

be love           be life

my heart         my soul


Forever craving

ecstasies soulfully

tormenting me


Hold on – Let go

O’ insidious dreams

cries passions inside

plaguing to be free


inside a solitary cage

doves soar, skies cry

solace enters through keyholes

nostalgically reminisced


Tarnished on remembrances

existence tries to forget

what once was tangible


Lovers lost, never to be discovered again

5 thoughts on “Nostalgic Desires

      1. I realised that yes, which made me love it as I love experimenting too.
        Am sorry for the grief caused by the passing of your grandpa but he surely is in a better place now.
        I just checked out your poem. It really is something and reads upwards too as well as hopping from left to right in a given pattern. I love your creative addition to poetry and prose.

      2. Welcome. I just don’t have enough time with all the blogs I am following, my own writing, my work and my kids but otherwise would love to go and visit everyone’s blogs right from inception 🙂

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