Kneeling at the altar…aka- Breaking Bad Poetry

author’s note- I wrote this rather bad poem many years ago, reminiscing about love lost. Since this seems to be a fairly universal theme (lost love, not bad poems-ha) in the realm of WP, I’d thought I would share this, in honor of everyone who’s had their heart broken, and then  wrote bad poetry about it..haha

Humor helps the healing!…

*Of course the majority of you (unlike myself) that have written amazing poems about heartbreak are excluded from my commentary. 🙂


Kneeling at the altar of inner- light, envisioned in thee,

flaming so intensely, prostration proceeds.


Lost in these feelings, so sacredly bestowed,

unaware of circumstances ready to unfold.


That you could break my heart so easily, with such disregard,

made me scribe these words like some Suessian bard.


Years have passed now, but still carry that scar,

the scar that you gave me by moving afar.


Yes, time heals all wounds, I forgave you long ago,

in my heart love’s memory resides, it will always be so.

3 thoughts on “Kneeling at the altar…aka- Breaking Bad Poetry

  1. I’m sorry, but if this is your “bad writing” then I guess I have bad taste? lol I love this poem especially the line “unaware of circumstances ready to unfold”…that speaks to me 🙂

    1. Thanks Cavelle…I guess I just think simple rhymes are too easy to write…it really doesn’t take much thought or effort…I find other styles of writing much more challenging…but beauty is in the eye of the beholder….so thank you kindly for liking this….you don’t have bad taste 🙂

      1. You’re most welcome! 🙂 I know what you mean about rhyming but sometimes in the moment it’s just nice to have a flow that can keep up with your thoughts if that makes sense 🙂 lol

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