In Gratitude

Wanted to take this opportunity to say from my heart, thank you for all the kindness & compassion shown by so many of you during a very challenging time for myself & my family.

My mother’s condition is finally showing some signs of small improvement. She stood for the first time in over a month yesterday, and with help was able to take 4 small steps. Her confusion and mental clarity have also improved somewhat over the last few days. We still have a long way to go for a full recovery, but we have reason for hope, a hope that was hard to realize over the last several weeks.

Though I’ve only been here a short time it’s been my honor and pleasure getting to know many of you in some small way through your writings, blogs, and shared thoughts.

Taking an indefinite break from social media to focus my attention on helping my family.

I wish all of you peace & joy this holiday season, and a bright & beautiful new year…be kind to one another, life is too short. Take care my friends ღ




5 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. What brilliant news Mark! I wish her continued recovery and a lot of peace and solace in your family. Enjoy the festive season and this renewed chance to breathe in the glory of having loved ones around you. Much love to all of you

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