Gathering Rain

In quietness waters gather reflections

of passages recorded with each procession

Far too often time blurs a grasp of lines


So much taken for granted, errantly replaced

Brief times of loss in-between joys…

Surely within every atom thrives a void


This tangled mind to rise above

an unraveling of lifetimes

To live moments clear no doubt no fear


Every journey is unique,

yet shares an eventual destination

In our sharing we gain value & strength

9 thoughts on “Gathering Rain

  1. This is filled with emotion dripping off the page. I alway feel so deeply with each and every piece. You’re so dear to me. I’ve read hundreds to thousands of poetry sites. Only a handful do I feel a direct link. You are one of those in my hand. I truly care about your heart and soul. Always sending my love 😉❤️ Beautiful piece! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Carisa. ღ Your feelings of affinity are shared. There is a handful of special people I can relate to emotionally and spiritually, and you are counted among them. Thank you again for your compassion & kindness which always warms my heart ღ

  2. The powerful imagery in this piece are testament to your skill and talent. ‘In quietness waters gather reflections,’ simply divine.

    1. Thank you kindly Annie…I must say, I don’t accept praise all that well…I really am not a prolific writer, actually quite lazy. I’ll write in spurts, almost never write anything of length, and really I don’t consider myself a real writer at all. But thank you again for your kind words.

      1. You have written and done so with eloquence. You have the ability to make words dance across the page. You are a writer.

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