Past expiration

blinded windows

shuttered darkened,

cluttered space

metaphors a lifetime

of holdings past expiration


a thirsty tangerine

parched, arid throated

rested on a dusty shelf

waiting for spring dew

never being realized


even deserts are deserving of tears


underwhelming this concern

overwhelms intended words

a great one for proselytizing

the follow through leaves

something to be desired


difficult to stay on point

focused in direction

where brevities breathe

thoughts hyperventilate

a life searching for purpose


some starry nights bring cleansing rain


scattered and tattered

not bittered, but battered

embattled souls sojourn life

truthfully never thought

to come so far


not sure how to do this

is it faith and hope

to  defy logic with madness?

lost instructions long ago

while the farside grew closer


It’s not a closure; rather a continuation in  narrative without end

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