Flash Fiction#1


Buzzy’s Bushel Baskets

“There’s no game or guile here, what you see is what you get”…. was the last thing he ever said.

Buzzy worked the bushel baskets like nobody else. He’d peek your poke and play you like a guitar solo on a Saturday night. Fast with the alibi…double up / catch up, he’d bleed ya almost dry; but always left you something, just enough to avoid a beef. Yeah buddy, he was as slick and smooth as they come, nobody on the midway could touch Buzzy.

That is until the international space station in orbit around the planet on Sunday July 5th 2020 got hit by a sizable meteorite, shattering the station to pieces, and killing everyone aboard at the time.

Unfortunately one of those pieces, too big to burn up on re entry, slammed into Buzzy’s Bushel Baskets joint just as he was calling over his next mark. “Hey buddy come on over and win one for the neighbors wife. There’s no game or guile here, what you see is what you get”, and then wham!!… no more Buzzy.

Buzzy left behind 2 ex-wives and 6 children total he was paying child support for. He actually had a sizable estate, having invested wisely over the years. His 2 ex-wives would end up fighting over his estate. Turned pretty ugly I hear, with a hitman being hired. Both it seems had tried to take the other one out. But that’s a whole other story.


*trying my hand at something new. haven’t been writing much.

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