Saturday Morning Thoughts

Is it egotistical for the writer to believe they can create something worthy of someone’s time and attention? (as if that’s even the point) To create little or vast pocket universes, alternate realities, that capture the imagination and transports the reader to ideas and places undiscovered. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say, “rediscovered”; because there really is nothing new in creation, just newness not yet perceived. It’s all out there in the circular filing cabinet of time waiting to be found. So to even say that the writer creates perhaps is sheer egotism itself; what we really do is find and bring forth ideas, in distinctly unique ways, that already exist, have always existed in an infinite well spring of possibilities conceived and not yet realized. How conceited are we to think we ever held an original thought? How full of shit am I for even thinking this?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Thoughts

  1. Not, not full of shit. But what painter or sculptor isn’t considered to have created? Is the writer no less an artist to take the most common material of all, words, and make a unique picture with it?

  2. “there really is nothing new in creation, just newness not yet perceived” you are extremely insightful and intelligent. I am getting inspired =)

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