Could use some divine intervention if divinity as such even exists for a response to pleading souls wretched and twisted In lieu of this, an ungilded bird to softly sing a single sweet note To unwound past hurts  thought to be cast much too tarnished to ever take back Bringing affirmation to  our human & spiritual connection

Trying to find thanks…

  in the sun’s mourning light searching for any spark in your eye. What are you thinking right now in your medicated haze mixed pain? Why do we always ask why when why doesn’t give a shit. Like deserving what we get get’s us what we deserve. Who decides these things, like perverse justice. Trying… Continue reading Trying to find thanks…

Storm Clouds Gather

starless nights sunless days heavy clouds leaden dismally deluge my thoughts . a somber opaqueness fogs my heart drizzles my brain as torrents wage battle . that my inner life should be mirrored so well in tempest as thunder’s trepidatious rhythms drum march my soul   Some days dark moods come without reason or notice.… Continue reading Storm Clouds Gather

White Water

  churning white water foams my mind, frosting depths of pristine blue   passions ride as rapids rise powerful invocations splashed with self-reflection   churning white water foams my heart, frosting depths of pristine blue   majestic embodiment forms an antithesis to death hauntingly desired   churning white water foams my soul, frosting depths of… Continue reading White Water

Circular Rooms

Trapped in circular rooms, sanity wobbles on  hollow stones   lucidly weaved stitches piece together  fragile frames of reference   round (w)holes with square pegs lived into place   monumental mental musings both alpine and obscure   towering fortitude with invisible shackles are my legacy    potentials captive in chaos are my life