Riding The Bipolar Express

Where darkness, nightmares prevail unmotivations snail my brain. In morass, reluctances reign, motion stands still against insistency. ~It’s always been like this for me Towards extremity travels Crazed fire in my veins 1000 miles I go faster, faster ferociously furious unstoppable, unflappable flying tracks of life a force of nature am I(!!) ~It’s always been… Continue reading Riding The Bipolar Express

Ineloquent stream of consciousness

Fighting the downward spiral today…my mind replays past hurts, losses, fuck-ups, regrets, etc. with a vengeance when I get like this. Self pity is an uncomforted garment. Dislike it’s fit immensely…yet I wear it too often…my life sucks, and my soul is so weary, exhausted from it all. This is how it is with me… Continue reading Ineloquent stream of consciousness

Thoughts on living bi-polar II

When I’m in the throes of irrational thought, which I usually feel is quite rational at the time…I have to insistently remind myself that these invading thoughts and the emotions they evoke are only temporary, a product of my mania or depression…that I won’t feel this way in a few days ( or months at the worst)… Continue reading Thoughts on living bi-polar II