Past expiration

blinded windows shuttered darkened, cluttered space metaphors a lifetime of holdings past expiration   a thirsty tangerine parched, arid throated rested on a dusty shelf waiting for spring dew never being realized   even deserts are deserving of tears   underwhelming this concern overwhelms intended words a great one for proselytizing the follow through leaves… Continue reading Past expiration


dilly-dally We shouldn’t be here procrastinating spaces where nothing exists and nowhere has places   shilly-shally A discontinuity vacillates inside my head seeking normalcy from desires not quite dead   widdle-waddle We will ourselves not to feel emotions buried inside searching for comfort finding nowhere to hide   fiddle-faddle How such a story concludes is… Continue reading Ungibbered


Could use some divine intervention if divinity as such even exists for a response to pleading souls wretched and twisted In lieu of this, an ungilded bird to softly sing a single sweet note To unwound past hurts  thought to be cast much too tarnished to ever take back Bringing affirmation to  our human & spiritual connection

A thin sphere,

an indulgent need desisting drama / negativity yet I’ve witnessed…. a polar state from positive out of care, no chastisements no judgments, only melancholy echoes of melodies never painted  clouds turned to dryness seeking solace I know, I’m not what you expected so little in life ever is expectations whither veins ruby red singing madness-… Continue reading A thin sphere,