October 31st

  Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls descend on this spooky night providing us chills   Witches with black cats spells, hexes, cauldrons bubble shadows revealed   As darkness grows near lurking spirits of the night playing tricks for treats   A beggars nights feast of sugary confections sticky sweet to eat   Jack-o-lanterns stare into the… Continue reading October 31st

Art is Life #2

Expanding passions spontaneously offered viscerally felt Exhaled majesty floats  intangibility bringing life to faith colorful  to touch synchronistic expressions form textures on air Skillful creations paint mundane existences with infinity Eternity found within passionate brush strokes lovingly offered Soulfully given imagination calls forth celestial visions Artful sacred dreams coalesce on feathered wings sounding heaven’s ring… Continue reading Art is Life #2