Past expiration

blinded windows shuttered darkened, cluttered space metaphors a lifetime of holdings past expiration   a thirsty tangerine parched, arid throated rested on a dusty shelf waiting for spring dew never being realized   even deserts are deserving of tears   underwhelming this concern overwhelms intended words a great one for proselytizing the follow through leaves… Continue reading Past expiration

A thin sphere,

an indulgent need desisting drama / negativity yet I’ve witnessed…. a polar state from positive out of care, no chastisements no judgments, only melancholy echoes of melodies never painted  clouds turned to dryness seeking solace I know, I’m not what you expected so little in life ever is expectations whither veins ruby red singing madness-… Continue reading A thin sphere,

Contemplating Loss of Loved One

words struggle                        to contemplate the rising tides                        awash in loss the acuteness                         stains reality the unconscionable                 strains my heart bones of empathy                    loves devoid hand reaching outward                     grasping emptiness’s ………………. agony in woe ~my soul