In Gratitude

Wanted to take this opportunity to say from my heart, thank you for all the kindness & compassion shown by so many of you during a very challenging time for myself & my family. My mother’s condition is finally showing some signs of small improvement. She stood for the first time in over a month… Continue reading In Gratitude


Could use some divine intervention if divinity as such even exists for a response to pleading souls wretched and twisted In lieu of this, an ungilded bird to softly sing a single sweet note To unwound past hurts  thought to be cast much too tarnished to ever take back Bringing affirmation to  our human & spiritual connection

A thin sphere,

an indulgent need desisting drama / negativity yet I’ve witnessed…. a polar state from positive out of care, no chastisements no judgments, only melancholy echoes of melodies never painted  clouds turned to dryness seeking solace I know, I’m not what you expected so little in life ever is expectations whither veins ruby red singing madness-… Continue reading A thin sphere,

Personal journal entry

My hope is that by writing out my thoughts and sharing them I can exorcise some of my inner demons. This post is not about anyone….just my undiluted thoughts & feelings. ….I walk around most days feeling like a worthless piece of shit…I suffer with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, a host of insecurities….never been treated… Continue reading Personal journal entry