Journal entry 3/20/2017
Many people fear death… fear the unknown. They’re afraid death will be like being locked up in a dark box forever from which there is no escape, or like slipping into oblivion, becoming nonexistent. But what if this life is the dark box and death is the key that sets you free? What if we are all existing in a sort of oblivious state right now, and death awakens us to our true existence as a force of life that is part and parcel of everything, that we in a real sense are everything? I wonder if these are the thoughts (coupled with pain) that enable people to take their own lives? The belief that an experience more real than anything we’ve ever experienced awaits us, like waking up from a bad dream. I don’t carry that kind of certainty about death. I still fear it. Which is why I struggle and fight to stay existent, to stay present, to stay alive… Perhaps that’s a little true for all of us, at our very heart, it’s that kernel of uncertainty and fear that keeps us fighting to stay alive.
All mannor of strange thoughts invade my mind in the early morning hours.

6 thoughts on “Journaling

    1. I don’t think pyschologically dying all the time is actually always a good thing. It leads to trauma and depression. Perhaps, you are talking about insights and states of forms, if so then that is not always negative.

  1. At times I struggle with the idea of death and the fear of the other side.
    However, when i don’t struggle…I accept that death to me is but a blessing. One day, I will be free of this cruel world that we are living in. I’ll be hanging out with all the intellectuals.
    Maybe the after life won’t be so bad. I like to approach death as a good thing because if one day I’m not here, I’ll know that my suffering has ended and I’ll be much happier wherever it is I’m going.

  2. Personally, death can be important too when it happens to you. I don’t like suicide or all of that because personally I feel suicide, as you mentioned, is a life related issue, not a death related issue. Suicide negates the meaning of death by allowing life to pervert its meaning. it is refreshing to see such an interesting positionality of death written in an existential and well pretty much secular way albeit somewhat spiritual. I really liked this piece.

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