Trying to find thanks…


in the sun’s mourning light

searching for any spark in your eye.

What are you thinking right now

in your medicated haze mixed pain?

Why do we always ask why

when why doesn’t give a shit.

Like deserving what we get

get’s us what we deserve.

Who decides these things,

like perverse justice.

Trying to make sense

out of senselessness

is insensible madness.

But assigning blame is what we do.

Fucking someone has to be accountable

for twists in fate.

Fate, like some things are meant to be.

Fuck that!

Nothing of it is meant to be,

it just is.

And the how, and the why,

and the reason,

are meaningless

when living in moments

that stretch us paper thin.

Just want us to get from here to there

bypassing this fucked up middle part.

Just wanting you to not suffer

so much mom…

5 thoughts on “Trying to find thanks…

  1. My heart aches reading your words. I’ve watched someone I love suffer beyond words. It breaks you down and makes you feel helpless. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. (((Hugs)))). ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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